Does Hoodia Actually Work To Suppress Your Appetite?

In 2003 there was a media frenzy surrounding Hoodia as an appetite suppressant when the BBC reported how well it works. Since then people have been going crazy buying it to help them lose weight. However more and more people are realizing that herbal products in generally just aren’t giving them the slimming help they are looking for.

The thing is that the bushmen in Africa’s Kalahari desert have been taking Hoodia for centuries to help suppress their appetite whilst out hunting. After studies were carried out, it was found that Hoodia contains a substance known as P57 and when injected into the brains of rats it was found to work.

Of course, nobody is telling you to inject Hoodia into your brain! Instead you take it in pill form. The problem is that P57 is likely to be damaged in your digestive system and therefore not offer the results you really need.

Add this to the fact that so many of the Hoodia on the market is simply fake. Either they have only added in filler ingredients or they have added in the worst quality Hoodia you can buy. Real Hoodia is expensive so if you see any cheap Hoodia for sale, there’s a very good chance it simply fake.

Also, Hoodia is now an endangered species and can only be exported out of Africa with a CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) certificate. How many companies selling Hoodia do you see that offer copies of this certificate as proof? Not many!

Have you heard about the new “ice cube” diet? Health experts are seriously concerned at the increasing use of frozen hoodia. ABC news reports on its web website that users don’t even need to freeze the cubes due to the fact they come from the supplier already frozen in dry ice. Hoodia has been studied in clinical trials by two American pharmaceutical companies, but these trials had been halted due to the fact hoodia produced no bodyweight loss support whatsoever. Frozen, powdered, liquid – the proof simply isn’t there.

Is there an alternative to Hoodia?

There is one product which offers the benefits that Hoodia claims to have plus it also help you to burn off more calories and give you more energy. This product is Phen375 and has been helping people lose weight at an incredible rate. Given that you burn fat cells, not muscle tissue, you will reach your weight reduction goals sooner and much easier. Look excellent in your shorts and pool- wear with Phen357′s support!

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