The Morning Banana Diet

The Banana Diet started in Japan among online forums and social networking sites. Hailed as the Asa Banana Diet, it became a craze among the health-conscious Japanese, who are known to be very particular about the food they eat. The diet was an instant hit because it’s simple, cheap and does not require immense effort.

The basic idea of the Morning Banana diet is that a person eats banana during breakfast. There are several variations of the diet, each made to suit certain eating practices. The Banana diet is perfect for people who want to lose weight, but didn’t want to bother with complicated programs that require lots of calorie watching and expensive supplements.

The Banana Diet works because of several factors. First, bananas have what they call resistant starch, which has been said to have a lot of weight management benefits. Also, bananas have enzymes that promote good digestion, which helps in increasing metabolism.

To get one started on the Banana Diet, take note of these simple rules:

Eat banana for breakfast. A person can actually have more than one banana, but don’t overeat. Remember, only raw and unfrozen bananas can be eaten. In case a person still feels hungry 15 or 30 minutes after consuming the bananas, other foods can be eaten. Oatmeal is strongly recommended.

Have normal meals for lunch and dinner. Dinner must be eaten no later than 8 pm. If you can, try having dinner by 6 pm. There are no limitations as to the type of food that a person can eat, but dieters suggest cutting back on rice and fried foods. The point is not to make a person feel deprived when having meals. One must not necessarily wait to be fully stuffed before stopping.  However, dessert is prohibited after meals.

Water is the only beverage allowed during meals. Try having mineral or filtered water that is neither hot nor chilled. Drink water in sips, and not use it to wash down the food. There are no quotas when it comes to the amount of water one can drink, but overdrinking is not advised either. Try to limit consumption of non-caloric beverages such as coffee and tea.

One is allowed to have afternoon snacks, where one can finally have satisfy a sweet tooth. Cookies and chocolates can be eaten, but donuts and ice cream are not advisable. Moist banana bread is tasty but should be limited too.  Salty foods can be substituted for sweets, but avoid those with too much fat content.

Exercise is optional. The Banana Diet does not require one to exercise, although it’s healthier if a person does it. Light walking for several minutes everyday is recommended. This is one of the reasons why the Banana Diet is so popular; there are no physical exertions required.

Try to go to bed earlier than midnight. Aside from the fact that getting enough sleep will do wonders for the skin, it can also prevent a person from getting hungry during the evening, therefore lessening the temptations of having a midnight snack.

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