Hydroxycut vs Phentermine Slimming Pills

When you are eager to slim down to fit into swimwear for the summer, it can often feel like the weight just isn’t dropping off you as quickly as you would wish. The thing is, you have to be so careful about what you put into your body because many slimming pills are either fake or offer a variety of horrible side-effects.

In 2009, the CNN Health News reported that all Hydroxycut products are already recalled by the FDA since they are already linked to 23 cases of severe liver damage and a single death. The FDA also issued a warning to consumers to stop utilizing Hydroxycut items immediately.

If you’ve bought Hydroxycut before, it will have been sold to you as a fat burner.  However the FDA actually says that this is untrue.  The FDA has also warned that using Hydroxycut can lead to signs of liver failure, including brown urine, vomiting, intense itching, nausea, stomach pain and light-colored stools. If you’re already taking Hydroxycut and you’ve been experiencing any kind of ill-healthy, you need to go and see a doctor straight away.

Lovate Health Services, which manufactures Hydroxycut, sold a lot more than 9 million units of the substance to wellness food stores, food marketplace chains and drug stores throughout the U.S. The firm has removed all Hydroxycut merchandise from public sale, but the FDA is concerned that there may be a “black market” consumer base for these items. Since the FDA has not determined exactly what component of Hydroxycut causes these signs, it maintains that the use of themerchandise subjects the user to massive risk. CNN cited 1 case that required a liver transplant to save the user’s life.

It may be your burning desire to have a slim figure so that you can wear whatever you want and feel fantastic.  But you don’t want to put your health at risk needlessly.

The other popular product that dieters love is Phentermine however it’s also had its fair share of problems as people have ended up with pretty horrific side-effects.  As a result it’s no longer available to buy legally however there are those who are selling it illegally.  Many of these illegal products are just fakes and are of no use to anyone.

Instead, if you wish the results of Phentermine but without the side-effects, Phen375 is the alternative.  Phen375 was introduced in 2009 after years of research and testing under FDA-approved in laboratory conditions.

Unlike many inferior items, Phen375 contains no ephedra or caffeine. It acts with your body’s own metabolic system to turbo-boost your fat burning capability and suppress your appetite without burning muscle tissue. The result is a slimmer, much more fit, and more noticeable body at the pool or beach!

There’s no need to buy products on the black-market, Phen375 is 100% legal.  Also, you’ll be able to lose a good few pounds of weight a week with little effort.  However combining it with some exercise and healthy diet is ideal.

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