Liporexall Fat Burner Reviews

If you read some reviews along with the information given by the manufacturers, Liporexall is a highly researched weight loss products that is able to help you burn off fat. You would be forgiven in thinking that this is some kind of radically new product which is guaranteed to help you drop the pounds.

There are a total of 11 ingredients that have either been patented or are patent-pending. Surely this must mean its effectiveness has been medically proven? Not necessarily. Only one of the ingredients have been patented, there’s no proof as to the effectiveness of the other ingredients.

Liporexall’s home site lists the following ingredients, and their purposes. The questions arise from what the advertising copywriting says, and doesn’t say.

ChromMate helps insulin made in the pancreas to metabolize fat, converts protein into muscle, plus converts sugar into energy. (Question: Because the body usually does these things, why is ChromMate needed?)

Infinergy DiCaffeine Malate causes thermogenesis (calorie-burning), increases mental clarity and increases energy. (Question: So what? All you need to do is drink a cup of coffee for the same effects.) Sure, they’ve added Malic acid which makes the caffeine gentler on your stomach however you will still get side-effects from the caffeine such as

  • headaches
  • insomnia
  • jittery feeling
  • increased heart rate
  • increased blood pressure
  • Super Citrimax curbs appetite and burns fat, assists in creating healthy blood lipid levels and lowers you body mass index (BMI). (Question: How? Why are lipid levels important?) It also increases your serotonin levels which is supposed to help elevate your mood and therefore help you stop you “comfort eating.”

    The problem is they don’t go on to explain anything about what serotonin or what neurotransmitters are. Basically the neurotransmitter serotonin is one of the brain’s “chemical messengers” that regulates mood, sleep, appetite and pleasure. You can get it prescription anti-depressants, however there are some plants such as St. John’s Wort which contain it.

    You should never take it along with anti-depressants as this can bring on “serotonin syndrome,” which can make you feel intensely confused and can even be fatal. So always be careful about over the counter (OTC) substances containing serotonin and make sure you talk to your doctor first.

    Tonalin was created by the manufacturer, claiming that they have carried out “Decades of research” to prove that it reduces body fat and increases lean muscle tissue. (Question: How? This also is unexplained.)

    Advantra Z and PinnoThin are described as appetite suppressants. (Question: Why are both needed, if one is so powerful.)

    If you want more info on the other 5 ingredients of Liporexall then you can visit They all sound very impressive however anyone who knows anything about biochemistry will understand that it’s little more than nonsense.

    So what are the alternatives to Liporexall?

    The best fat burner that you can buy is probably Phen375. However you need to understand that Phen375 is no “wonder drug” and should be combined with a healthy lifestyle. This means eating a nutritious diet, exercising and drinking lots of water to avoid dehydration.

    Also, if you are obese and suffer from health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or poor circulation then please talk to a doctor to ensure that Phen375 is suitable for you.

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