OTC Diet Pills That Actually Work

With so many over the counter (OTC) pills coming out all the time claiming to be the best in the industry for weight loss, it’s difficult to know who to trust. They all sound so great, surely they can’t ALL be effective?

Some products are actually just laxatives which make you go to the bathroom a lot. When you get on the bathroom scales and see you’ve lost weight, you might think that these laxatives have been a success. However the weight you’re losing is really only waste in the colon and water weight. They don’t help you to burn off fat.

Then there have been products like Acai berries and Hoodia. They may well work, as long as you buy the best quality you can get your hands on. The problem is that the vast majority of products being sold are junk and won’t help you lose so much as a pound of fat.

Also, there have been herbal products such as ephedra which have worked great for many people however in a lot of countries it’s now illegal because of the health concerns. Many companies are now selling products with Bitter Orange in it as an ephedra alternative however Bitter Orange also has health concerns linked to it.

Also, there are many pills claiming to contain 100% natural ingredients, only for the FDA to issue a warning about them containing drugs such as sibutramine. As you can see, trying to find a legitimate product that works to help you lose weight isn’t easy at all.

You may have tried a number of OTC products in the past only to find they don’t work as you’d hoped for. So it’s no wonder you might be on the brink of taking out a prescription for a weight loss drug that contains something like phentermine.

Phentermine is very similar to amphetamines, is addictive and carries a wide array of side effects that range from being uncomfortable to potentially fatal. Why take this risk when you are able to burn excess fat, consume less, and look fantastic in your mid-summer clothes!

So what OTC diet pill actually works?

The answer is probably Phen375 as it’s a diet pill that can help you burn fat as well as suppress your appetite. This isn’t some fad herbal product, instead it’s produced in an FDA-approved lab using the finest pharmaceutical-grade ingredients obtainable, tested under laboratory conditions for efficacy.

With Phen375′s exclusive formula, you eat less, your entire body doesn’t absorb the fat calories on the food you do consume, so you get rid of bodyweight, and you get rid of excess weight FAST. It contains elements that effectively block fat absorption and suppresses your appetite. It works by stopping the entire body from converting glucose into fats with out burning muscle tissue!

That being said, make sure you take the time to decide whether the product is for you. So, read the labels and think prior to you purchase. Phen375′s elements are clearly and completely listed with the product packaging and on our internet site.

So if you’re looking for a genuine and legal OTC slimming pill that will help the weight drop off you, then Phen375 is going to offer what you are looking for. They also offer tips and tricks on how to lose weight even more efficiently through diet and exercise so that you’re getting the best out of Phen375.

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